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Lyndsey Perez, Pre-K 3 Teacher


Our goal in the Pre-K 3 classroom in to make your child’s first experience with school fun and positive. We want your child to look forward to coming to school and become a confident and independent little person. We do our best to make learning fun and encourage your child’s creativity. 

We work on many things this first year…

Like sharing, using our words, making new friends and getting along with classmates and teachers, as well as introducing the preschoolers to academics such as numbers and counting, letters and sounds, recognizing colors and shapes, cutting, coloring, tracing and writing. The preschoolers learn to recognize their names and the names of their classmates.

Every day the preschoolers have structured time, group time, free choice time and time for gross motor activities in the gym or outside.

Structured time activities include:

  • Tracing and writing their names
  • Activities involving the letter of the week, such as tracing that letter
  • Religion program Stories of God’s Love from the RCL Benziger Religion Program

Group time activities include:

  • Prayer, calendar, story time, weather and the pattern of the month
  • Pattern of the month – Each day the preschoolers are at school, we add another piece to the pattern. We do many things with the pattern such as colors in English and Spanish, counting in English and Spanish, recognizing letters and the sounds of those letters and we sing songs to the pattern. For example the pattern is apple, bus, apple, bus or red, yellow, red, yellow or rojo, amarillo, rojo, amarillo, or Aa, Bb, Aa, Bb. We then count how many are objects are in the pattern in English and Spanish. We also sing “Wheels on the Bus” to this pattern

Free choice time activities include:

  • Cut and color table – crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors, stickers, glue sticks and various papers that with pictures to color or with an activity
  • Pretend Play – kitchen area, dress-up clothes, and baby dolls
  • Puzzles/manipulatives
  • Reading area – with books pertaining to what we are learning about that week
  • Sensory tub – filled with something pertaining to what we are learning about that week such as sand, pasta noodles, paper, beans etc.
  • Dry- erase board
  • Blocks
  • Magnetic board – magnetic letters, shapes and puzzles
  • Felt board – felt manipulatives that pertain to what we are learning about that week
  • Playdough – playdough is available at least once a week with alphabet cookie cutters, number cookie cutters and other seasonal cookie cutters
  • Project – also during free choice time each child is called over one or two at a time to work on an activity that pertains to the letter or theme for that week. The projects involve thinking, cutting, gluing, painting and each child using their creativity