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Sherry Brueck, Pre-K 4 Teacher

Sherry is happy to be a part of the OLQP team.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from St. Mary of the Woods College. She began her teaching career in 1980 as a preschool assistant while attending college.  She became a lead teacher in 1982.  She began the preschool program at St. Boniface in 1996 where she served as director and teacher.  She remained at St. Boniface until 2008 when she became a grandmother for the first time and took a little time off to help with her first granddaughter's childcare.  She joined the teaching staff at St. Mary's (Edwardsville) in 2009 and the OLQP team in 2016. She continued teaching at both St. Mary’s and OLQP until she joined Our Lady Queen of Peace full-time in 2017.

Miss Sherry married her husband Doug at St. Boniface in 1984.  They have two daughters, Ashley and Angie.  They have 5 grandchildren:  Julia, Olivia, Landen, Lacey and Luke.  They enjoy spending time with their family and pets, living "out in the country" as well as visiting the beach, traveling, and long bike rides. 

Curriculum Guide for topics in Mrs. Sherry’s Pre-K classes 

In our classroom, we use many seasonal topics, hands-on projects, and special days each month to make learning fun and memorable. We want you and your child to have the best first-school experience possible. 

We also prepare our Pre-K students for kindergarten with many activities, games, cooking projects, cutting, painting, coloring, fine motor skill builders, and gross motor skill builders. We provide the children with a good base in letter, number, color, and shape recognition.

In learning about the alphabet, the children also learn letter sounds, rhyming words, and begin learning the concept of word families. Our math skills include being able to use numbers to count and learn the concepts of addition and subtraction. 

Computers enhance our learning program with a variety of fun skill building games which help the children refine skills and gain hand and eye coordination.

Through all of our preschool experiences we promote a good Christian attitude. We encourage the children to follow Jesus’ example every day. We also enhance our program with Stories of God’s Love from the RCL Benziger Religion Program.

August Topics:

Friends and Family

September Topics:  

Grandparent’s Day, Nursery Rhymes, Caterpillars/butterflies (this includes a project using real caterpillars that we care for, watch spin their chrysalides, and become butterflies), Community Helpers & Career Day (A variety of community helpers visit to help us learn more about their jobs – visitors may include doctors, veterinarians, dentist, etc.), and Apples

October Topics:

Fire Safety (often including a visit with the Fire Fighters), Transportation and Car Show, Pumpkins (including our special pumpkin patch), The season of Autumn / Halloween (often including a visit from local police officers to help us learn Halloween safety tips), and the OLQP Mission Carnival   

November Topics:

Pilgrims / Native Americans, Turkeys, What We are Thankful For, and our annual Thanksgiving Feast

December Topics:

The season of Advent, Jesus’ Birthday, PRESCHOOL Christmas Program, Christmas party (often including a visit from Santa)

January Topics:

The season of Winter, Hibernating, Arctic Animals and Antarctica, A review of basic skills, and Catholic Schools Week and Pajama Day!

February Topics:

Groundhog day and all about shadows, Valentine’s Day/friendship and caring,   Presidents/ Lincoln and Washington, Dental Health /Keeping our teeth and bodies healthy, Report Cards go home at the beginning of the month 

March Topics:

Dr. Seuss / Rhyming words (Including a special Dr. Seuss Day!), The Season of Lent, Weather / kites, Beginning word families, St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring

April Topics:

April Showers bring May Flowers, Rainy weather, Noah’s Ark, Easter, The Farm - Hatching ducklings and/or chicks and caring for them for a short time in our classroom (depending on availability), Rainforest, Rainforest animals, Earth Day

May Topics:

Zoo Animals and Mother animals and their babies (every other year a trip to the zoo), Mother’s Day / Mother’s Day Tea Party, Report Cards , Summer Fun, The Ocean, and our End- of –the- Year Celebration

Topics and projects change a little each year as we add new and exciting things to our program.

We keep things moving in our classroom to help keep everyone interested and involved. We start each day with fine or gross motor activities upon arrival. Next, is circle time moving on to lesson time, projects, computer time, free play, center time, snack, learning games, songs, and story time.