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Why Choose Us?

   WHY OLQP IS THE CHOICE FOR THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR:     Registration at Our Lady Queen of Peace is still active!   As we continue to receive information from the State Board as well as Springfield, a school like Our Lady Queen of Peace is exactly the school, OF ALL YEARS, for your child’s education!   We expect students to come back in the Fall.  With our size, our students will be able to be VERY safely distanced throughout every grade level.  All disinfecting and sanitizing measures will be in place and throughout every school day will be implemented constantly.  IF there would be periods where ALL schools have to resort to virtual learning for a period of time, students of OLQP will have the clear advantage, not only because of our size and the ability to one-on-one teach SO MUCH more efficiently than larger schools, but also because the methods we will use to do this will make it so much easier for parents to manage and handle.  If you are still looking at options, consider the advantage our small school will give your child on all levels, from cleanliness/safety/distancing to the one-on-one education advantage we are able to provide.  The decision you make to choose OLQP and the solid foundation your child will receive with an OLQP education will make a real difference when COVID is a thing of the past, and your child continues to move on through every level.... whether it be elementary, junior high, or high school....they simply will be safer,  better prepared, and have that solid foundation that is so important than students from schools with larger class sizes per level!  

We would love to show you all the wonderful things Our Lady Queen of Peace (OLQP) has to offer. OLQP provides the best quality Catholic Education at very competitive rates. OLQP serves Catholic and Non-Catholic students from all around the area. 

Programs that OLQP offers students outside of the classroom are:

Drama program
4-8 sports programs

IOWA Basic Skills Test

These are just a couple of examples of how all of our classes who took this test performed on these tests in the 2017-2018 school year.  We strive to prepare our students for higher education, and these tests are proof that we are, indeed, meeting that goal year after year.  We attribute the high performance of our students to a variety of factors.  Our small class sizes and individualized attention per student, the daily ‘teaching’ time with few distractions, our curriculum that combines traditional methods of teaching with progressive methods, our interactive technology and STEM Program, and an emphasis on writing are among the factors that contribute to these scores.  Our students from a young age learn the study skills they need to be successful as they get older.  They also learn respect and tolerance for others from the time they walk into the building.  Although we are a Catholic school, we welcome students of other faiths.  If you would like to know more about us, walk through the school, or just become more familiar with us and our program, don’t hesitate to call the school office or come by at any time. We would love to show you why we are so proud of what we do at Our Lady Queen of Peace School!! 


Here  is a summary of how our students performed on these tests:

  • Looking at the 8th grade you will see that the 50th percentile is the average score.  With our 8th grade class:
  • English Language Arts - 75th percentile (that means our 8th graders scored better than 75 out of every 100 students who took the same test.
  • Math computation - 81st percentile (better than 81 out of every 100)
  • Total Math - 79th percentile (better than 79 out of every 100 students)