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Ms. Bernadette Friedel, Teacher

Bernadette is originally from Hardin, Illinois.  She went to St. Norbert's Catholic Grade School in Hardin, Il. for 8 years.  She graduated from Calhoun High School and then went on to Quincy College (University now) in Quincy, Il. where she received her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Reading.  She has been teaching at Our Lady Queen of Peace School, (her second home) since 1983.

Before coming to O.L.Q.P., she was employed at St. Francis Day Care Center with the Summer Program.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys crocheting, watching movies, and tutoring.


Second grade students will receive two important Sacraments this year-they are  Penance and Holy Eucharist.  Also, they will grow academically and independently.


Students in second grade attend Mass every third Tuesday and every Friday, along with Holy Days.
The children will learn many prayers and have a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ is, and how Jesus helps us to grow to become more like Him, forgiving and full of kindness.


Students learn to identify nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs.  They will, also, be writing paragraphs with various topics, learn about possessives, contractions, compound words, homophones, antonyms, and synonyms.
The children have access to many learning (ELA) games in the classroom.

Students in the second grade will learn to write all the letters in cursive (upper and lowercase).


Students will further their reading ability, both silently and orally. They will concentrate on comprehension, finding the main idea, and detail sentences, character, setting, plot, and drawing conclusions.  Students will make predictions, compare and contrast, and learn sequencing.


Students will cover various topics in Math, which include reading and writing numbers, and number sentences.  They will problem solve, add and subtract-daily.
The students learn to count and write money amounts, tell time, and read graphs.  Each day, the children will experience learning many topics already mentioned, while coming together as a group for a “Math Meeting.”  Each child will be given the opportunity to be “Student of the Day” and wear a special sticker. :)


Students will learn from discussions about current events.  They will learn about the 50 states and their (capital, nickname, state bird, and flower).


Students in the second grade will study plants and animals, weather, seasons,
and states of matter.  The students will learn about eating healthy foods.