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Mrs Rosemary Dorsey, 8th Homeroom, 5th-8th Math

Rosemary was raised on a farm near Edwardsville, IL, and attended St. Boniface Grade School, Edwardsville Senior High School, and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where she received a B.A. in Mathematics with a teaching certificate. She started teaching at SS. Peter and Paul Grade School in Collinsville, IL, and then moved to Roxana Senior High School. After several years off raising her three sons, she started teaching at OLQP in 1986. She has taught Math and Science there ever since. Rosemary and her husband, Bruce, live on their farm near Moro, where they raised their three boys. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, helping show cow, and collecting bugs.

Math - Algebra 

Eighth Grade Math is a high school Algebra Class. We quickly review the basic operations of Real numbers. We then study algebraic expressions and their operations. We move to solving algebraic equations and inequalities. We also learn about functions and the graphs, including slope and intercepts. We deal with systems of equations, exponents, and polynomials. We then learn about the quadratic formula, rational expressions, and radicals.


This is based on a combination of the basal reader and the use of Classical Literature. We use such authors as, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Crighton, Washington Irving, and Charles Dickens.  Different books are used as we study genres and study the masters.


We use the Pearson Prentice Hall textbook to guide us through many science topics. We cover life science topics such as cells, genetics, plants, animals, bones and muscles, food and digestion, circulation, respiration, nervous system, endocrine system and many more.

Social Studies

Students focus on United States History. The primary focus is on the time during the Civil War up to present day. The main topics we cover include the Civil War, Immigration, World War II, and the Holocaust. Students are also tested on the Illinois Constitution.


Students have the opportunity to attend mass every Friday and many opportunities throughout the school year to lead all-school prayers. In Religion class, Eighth graders study the Creed and above all finish preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation.