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Our Lady Queen of Peace School offers the opportunity for students to participate in the extra-curricular sports listed below. 






Cross Country




Drill Team






Upcoming Volleyball Games

4th Grade Girls

2/5/23 3:50pm at OLQP

2/12/23 2:10pm at OLQP

2/19/23 3:50pm at St Mary's Suddes Gym

2/26/23 3:50pm at OLQP

03/5/23 3:50pm at OLQP

03/12/23 3:50pm at OLQP

03/19/23 3:50pm at OLQP

03/26/23 3:50pm at OLQP

5th Grade Girls

1/25/23 6pm at OLQP

1/26/23 6pm at OLQP

1/30/23 6pm at OLQP

2/1/23 6pm at St Mary's Edwardsville

2/5/23 3PM at OLQP

2/8/23 6pm at St Elizabeth

2/12/23 3pm at OLQP

2/13/23 6pm at St John Neuman

02/18/23 10:30am at St Mary's Suddes Gym

02/21/23 6pm at OLQP

02/23/23 6pm at Maryville Christian

2/26/23 4:40pm at OLQP 

3/1/23 6pm at St Ambrose

3/5/23 4:40pm at OLQP

03/12/23 4:40pm at OLQP

03/19/23 4:40pm at OLQP

3/26/23 4:40pm at OLQP

6th Grade Games

1/25/23 6:45pm at OLQP

1/26/23 6:45pm at OLQP

1/30/23 6:45 pm at OLQP

02/1/23 6:45pm at St Mary's Edwardsville

02/6/23 6pm at Saints Peter and Paul Collinsville

02/8/23 6:45pm at St Elizabeth Granite

2/13/23 6:45pm at St John Neuman 

02/21/23 6:45pm at OLQP

02/23/23 6:45pm at Maryville Christian

03/1/23 6:45pm at St Ambrose

8th Grade Girls 

01/25/23 7:30pm at OLQP

01/26/23 7:30pm at OLQP

01/30/23 7:30pm at OLQP

02/1/23 7:30pm at St Mary's Edwardsville

02/6/23 6:45pm at Sts Peter and Paul Collinsville

02/8/23 7:30pm at St Elizabeth

02/13/23 7:30pm at St John Neuman

02/21/23 7:30pm at OLQP

02/23/23 7:30pm at Maryville Christian

03/1/23 7:30pm at St Ambrose