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Sarah Belmonte- Teacher

Mrs. Belmonte attended Our Lady Queen of Peace School and Marquette High School,
where her Catholic education was at the forefront. She graduated with honors from
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in
Elementary Education. She and her husband have been blessed with two, wonderful
sons. She enjoys spending time with her family and inspiring a love of learning. As a
professional educator, she facilitates learning in an environment based on inquiry,
exploration, and cooperation. Her students gain confidence in their unique strengths
and abilities and are motivated to meet their full potential.




In the Sadlier Religion series, students learn that God gives us many gifts and Jesus
wants us to share God’s love. Catholic values are studied within the Sadlier curriculum
and practiced through prayer and service to others. Kindergarten students participate in
Mass as song leaders, readers, and gift bearers. The religion series, along with the
school and parish, provide a meaningful Catholic education.


The Saxon Math covers an abundance of math concepts. The program includes
numbers and counting, number writing, sorting and classifying, shapes and graphs,
measuring and comparing, time and money, and adding and subtracting. Kindergarten
students progressively practice math concepts and gain knowledge for future success.


Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt Journeys provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes
reading, writing,  and language arts.  Phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary,
comprehension, and fluency is practiced daily. Kindergarten students learn decoding
and language skills that lead to reading comprehension.


Science Fusion is an inquiry-based program that sparks curiosity. The content includes:
science tools, plants, animals and habitats, day and night, earth’s resources, weather
and the seasons, matter, energy and motion, and technology and engineering.
Kindergarten students develop skills in observation, investigation, classifying, and
communicating information about the natural world.

Social Studies

The MacMillan / McGraw-Hill curriculum covers the eight strands of social studies. The
content includes economics, citizenship, geography, government, history, social studies
skills, culture and society, and science and technology. Kindergarten students further
develop their natural curiosity about their immediate environment and the world around them.